The history of DnB&EDM radio station started ten years ago when a group of enthusiasts was looking for a way to share their passion for electronic music with the world. They came together around a common idea: to create a platform for showcasing the best tracks in Drum and Bass and EDM genres. Over time, the station gained popularity and found its audience, consisting of fans of these music styles.

Our mission is to create a unique multi-genre radio station that brings together different genres of electronic music. Our radio streams offers music in styles such as DnB or House but also includes many subgenres and blends of these genres. Thus, we have something for every listener.

Discovery of new genres: Many people are not familiar with the diverse range of electronic music. Our radio station provides an excellent opportunity for people to explore new genres and artists. We offer music from well-established and recognized artists, as well as talented up-and-coming musicians.

We are proud in bringing together musicians, listeners, and enthusiasts of electronic music from all over the world on one platform. Our multi-genre radio station opens up new musical horizons and creates a unique listening experience for all our listeners.