What is ready?

In addition to a main we have Drum'n'Bass and House Super-Genre channels, and Slow EDM Multi-Genre channel. Every channel has a unique hand-selected music material and own spirit (not a mechanical separation or "copy-paste")

What's happening now?

Update to version 2 of main format is a top priority of work. After the release of 2.0 version new multi-genre and super-genre channels will be created one by one.

What will happen next?

In the future, more and more specific sub-genre channels will be created with a unique hand-selected music material like always! You can find a sample list in а Genres section.

The main choice what to do next is a community choice. Together, we can make the electronic world a better place. I look forward to your support and assistance.

R. M.

Phase 1

Update 2.0

Phase 2







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