Why multi-genre?

Electronic music is always separated into the super-genres and sub-genres. I believe that every genre contains a huge amount of beautiful things, and mechanical separation gives only a limited representation of the electronic world. I believe that synthesis instead of separation is possible if you choose the right material and it will give new and unusual experience to the listener.

What's happening now?

For multi-genre radio, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of the music material. At present, the main task now is to improve the basic format and prepare a huge update of several thousand magnificent new tracks.

What will happen next?

Update to version 2 of main format is a top priority of work. After the release of 2.0 version new multi-genre and super-genre channels will be created one by one. The approximate «Roadmap» is in the Genres and Channels section.

The main choice what to do next is a community choice. Together, we can make the electronic world a better place. I look forward to your support and assistance.

R. M.

Phase 1

Update 2.0

Phase 2







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